Digital strategy

The Internet has radically changed customer behavior, experiences and expectations. For many industries, the digital strategy today is business-critical and at the same time a difficult challenge. My strategy focuses on the customer. By understanding the customers, I can identify their needs and how these can be supported by the services that the client provides or could provide – regardless of which channel the customer chooses.

The strategy follows a process where the client is involved in all stages: Current situation, Research and Insights, Hypotheses, Strategy plan and Implementation.


Graphic design

Great design begins with creativity, responsiveness and goal focus. My work in graphic design covers the entire production process for digital or printed material – like front-end design, graphic profile, product packaging and marketing materials.

I work in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects.


Target group analysis

Understanding the users of your service or product – their needs, motivations, and the actual user situation, are often necessary in order to create a solution that will give you the results you want to achieve. A well-thought-out target group analysis is essential for an effective strategy.

When I conduct a target group analysis, I define the target groups’ behavior and needs in order to take design decisions and tests. With these tools I then verify that the solution actually provides the intended benefits. Common techniques include data analysis, surveys, interviews, focus groups, observational studies, or a combination of these.

Text production

To write so that people understand is not the easiest, but the most important. Text production is also about creating stories we recognize and dedicate ourselves, or on the contrary, allows us to meet new ideas and places.

I have long experience of text production – from web texts adapted to the target market, channel and situation, to editorial texts, press releases, documentation and copy.


User experience design – which has its focus on usability and user experience, is currently formulated in the international web standards. At the same time many industries lacks tools and knowledge required to meet the user’s needs and preferences.

When I develop a UX strategy, I work with analytical issues related to both the usability and the user – where the usability is located, who the user is, which goals the user has, the user’s attitude to the product or service and how user situation is formed.

Web development

When developing a new website or online service, it’s customary to begin at the wrong end. You focus on the features, on how the website should look like or which publishing system to be used. The potential risk with this approach is that it creates something that is not useful for the intended user, because other factors have been prioritized over the user needs.

I usually develop websites by a method called Effect Managing, where I identify the effect that will occur and the needs the service or the website must fulfill. By defining goals, target groups and UX goal I can build the features and use of the technology necessary for the intended outcome.


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